Baby tour from Lithuania to Morocco

A Lithuanian couple had a different type of goal. They wanted to show everyone that having a baby does not suggest that you have to stop your adventures. It just means you have an extra person on the road. Johan Van Zutphen and his girlfriend really travel junkie. They love to travel the world and earlier they have hopped on their bikes and driven in Malaysia.

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Vilnius Street Battle 2015 Official trailer

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Lithuania Vlinius (Trip Part II)

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Lithuania set to get hold of more electric locomotives in 2019

Lithuanian Railways is dealing with electric locomotives that are presently available on the market and is talking with its makers. Few of them, such as Skoda (the Czech Republic) and Siemens (Germany), have already added their products. According to reports, they have already planned their meetings with the manufacturers from Poland, France as well as several other nations.

Rolling Stock Department of Freight Transportation Directorate’s Deputy Director Albertas Bajorinas said that they are looking for a standard product which meets all their demands and might be utilized in Lithuanian railway infrastructure after little adjustments.

And, this would allow them to save some money not just when buying but when maintaining and operating electric locos. They are looking not just into technical characteristics but prices as well. The electric locomotives prices varies on their configuration, the requirement of extra certification, supply terms, amount as well as other details. Still, the price must not be higher than the market price. Read more »