Baby tour from Lithuania to Morocco

A Lithuanian couple had a different type of goal. They wanted to show everyone that having a baby does not suggest that you have to stop your adventures. It just means you have an extra person on the road. Johan Van Zutphen and his girlfriend really travel junkie. They love to travel the world and earlier they have hopped on their bikes and driven in Malaysia.

When their baby Leo was born, instead of thinking that their traveling days were over, the couple thought that it would be great fun to swap their motorbikes for a van and then take their little one with them. This is exactly why Leo, just at 9 months old, went on his very first road trip, crossing from Lithuania to Morocco, in Africa. That even included chartering a yacht in Southampton!?

For 2 months, the family trio roamed throughout Europe in a 4-by-4 Mercedes van, which was earlier used by a fire brigade in the mountains of Austria. They just paid for 1 night’s accommodation charges in France because of heavy rain and cold weather.

But, all other nights, the family managed to sleep in their 4-by-4 Mercedes van, at the homes of people they would meet on their travels previously. They also spent nights at the houses of new people that they had met along their way.